Fell's Hollow

Fell’s Hollow: a seedy, thief-riddled, sorcerer-plagued city tucked away in a hidden cove. Here you’ll meet the most fascinating characters, characters that live and die by the skill of their blades, the breadth of their wit, and the whim of their luck.

Meet Chibb, a young sailor who risks death at the hands of his own crew in order to court a forbidden love…

Meet Ander Ellystun, a hot-headed sellsword forced to capture a deadly assassin, or hang for a murder he didn’t commit…

Meet Jessa Luness, a jilted sorceress bent on banishing her former lover to the Abyss…

And meet Rorham Nach, a powerful opit dealer determined to recover a family heirloom stolen by one of the city’s most cunning thieves.

Meet these characters and more as they struggle to survive in a city smothered in crime, threatened by war, and haunted by a bloodsucking creature that stalks the streets at night.

Enter the world of Fell’s Hollow, where swords, sorcery, and sinister dealings are the daily fare!

 Episodic Fantasy Novel: 70000 words

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Beast of Bledshire

In this Fell’s Hollow short story you’ll meet Kretch, the anger-riddled strong-arm at the ‘Hole. When a stranger comes to the famous tavern in search of a fellow Ukrian, Kretch fears his secret will be revealed, a secret that has kept him on the run for more than thirty years. A secret so terrible, if discovered it could get Kretch hung by the Watch, or worse, unleash a bloody slaughter upon the city…

Fantasy Short Story: 6700 words


Fell's Hollow Journal

A 100-page journal featuring the cover and back copy of A. J. Abbiati’s episodic novel : FELL’S HOLLOW! Use it to jot down your personal thoughts, sketches, or even a poem or two. Made from the same beautiful, cream-colored pages as the novel.

Journal: 100 pages


Black Birds

When Beth falls for Hami, a foreign student from a war-torn homeland, she faces an onslaught of anger and prejudice from her friends and must follow her heart to be with the man she loves. But when doubt creeps in and an explosive secret threatens to tear her world apart, Beth is forced to chose between a life of love or hate.

Contemporary Fiction: 4000 words



[Published as A. A. James]

When Elizabeth LaPlante returns to Stony Creek to sell a parcel of land left to her by her parents, she discovers a terrifying secret that threatens her very soul . . . and the soul of her unborn child.

Horror: 5000 words